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Doria Drost 2020

Vote for Doria on November 3rd

Vote por Doria el 3 de noviembre

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Mi nombre es Doria Drost y me postulo para el puesto de la Cámara de Representantes de Minnesota en el distrito 16A.

Crecí en una granja fuera del área de Worthington con mi padre y he visto la belleza de Minnesota aquí en la pradera. La vida en las zonas rurales de Minnesota siempre ha sido especial para mí. Pero sé que enfrentamos desafíos para la sostenibilidad a largo plazo de nuestras comunidades rurales.

Las comunidades en el Gran Minnesota están lidiando con infraestructura y sistemas educativos subfinanciados, mercados de salud y vivienda demasiado caros, y un sector agrícola en gran parte subrepresentado. Tenemos que trabajar juntos a nivel local y estatal para mejorar las condiciones de nuestros vecindarios, para que el suroeste de Minnesota pueda continuar prosperando.

Me postulo para representarlo porque podemos hacerlo mejor. Los tiempos están cambiando y nuestros representantes actuales en St. Paul no se están adaptando lo suficientemente rápido. Necesitamos a alguien que no esté interesado en jugar juegos políticos. Necesitamos a alguien que escuche a las personas, para que puedan hacer un llamado sobre lo que es mejor para sus comunidades. Y necesitamos a alguien que crea en escuchar a los expertos y ser buenos administradores de los recursos que se nos han dado.

Me encantaría hablar contigo y ganar tu voto. No te conformes con más de lo mismo. Conmigo, Doria Drost, puedes esperar más.

Trabajaré para Minnesota rural

A diferencia de mi oponente, busco más inversiones para el éxito de la zona rural de Minnesota.

Chris Swedzinski ha estado en el cargo durante casi una década y ha votado continuamente en contra de la legislación que ayuda directamente al Gran Minnesota. Votó en contra de la atención médica asequible y la insulina, un paquete de ayuda COVID-19, inversión en educación K-12, igualdad de derechos y mucho más.

No podemos permitir que nuestro distrito se vea afectado por intereses especiales e inacción por más tiempo. Ha llegado el momento de que nuestro distrito tenga un representante calificado, nivelado y dedicado. Voten a Chris Swedzinski este noviembre y permita que el Distrito 16A espere más.

Doria Drost

Upcoming Events

October 12th: Gateway to Solar Panel Discussion

Virtual beginning at 9:00am

October 14th: LSAF Farm Economic Justice Town Hall

Virtual beginning at 11:00am

October 21st: SMSU Hosted Debate

7:00pm at SMSU Conference Center

October 29th: Pioneer PBS Televised Debate


Doria is running for the District 16A House Seat

Expect More

My name is Doria Drost and I’m running for the Minnesota House of Representatives seat in district 16A.

I grew up on a farm outside of the Worthington area with my father and I have seen the beauty of Minnesota out here on the prairie. Life in rural Minnesota has always been special to me. But I know we face challenges to the long-term sustainability of our rural communities.

Communities in Greater Minnesota are dealing with under-financed infrastructure and education systems, overpriced healthcare and housing markets, and a largely underrepresented agricultural sector. We have to work together at a local and statewide level to improve the conditions of our neighborhoods, so that southwest Minnesota can continue to thrive.

I am running to represent you because we can do better. Times are changing and our current representatives in St. Paul are not adapting quick enough. We need someone who isn't interested in playing political games. We need someone who will listen to the people, so they can make the call on what is best for their communities. And we need someone who believes in listening to experts and being good stewards of the resources we have been given.

I would love to talk with you and earn your vote. Don't settle for more of the same. With me, Doria Drost, you can Expect More.

I'll work for rural minnesota

Unlike my opponent, I seek to further investments into the success of rural Minnesota.

Chris Swedzinski has been in office for nearly a decade and has continually voted against legislation that directly aids Greater Minnesota. He voted against affordable medical care and insulin, a COVID-19 relief package, K-12 Education investment, Equal Rights, and so much more.

We cannot allow our district to be steamrolled by special interests and inaction any longer. The time for our district to have a qualified, leveled, and dedicated representative has come. Let's vote out Chris Swedzinski this November and allow District 16A to Expect More.

Public Statement Regarding the Passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg:

Released 9/20/2020

As we mourn the loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, we are reminded that she was much more than a Supreme Court Justice; she was pivotal in the movement for equal rights, a champion for many levels of justice, and a role model for many- including myself.

One of my favorite quotes from her is this:

“I tell law students… if you are going to be a lawyer and just practice your profession, you have a skill—very much like a plumber. But if you want to be a true professional, you will do something outside yourself… something that makes life a little better for people less fortunate than you”.

This reveals so much for what RBG embodies. She never ceased offering up her talents in order to create peace and prosperity within the world around her. Countless lives have been positively impacted by her many decades of service, and lives will continue to evolve through the righteousness in which her memory remains. We were blessed to have such a thoughtful leader that stood with persistence, grace, dignity, and vision.

The passing of this incredible human has shaken our nation to the core. While we process this immense loss, let us rise to the occasion and empower ourselves to uplift others, just as she did. Let us remember the important messaging she provided. And above all, let us come together as she invited us to do, in order to form a better future.

Public Statement Regarding Marshall, MN WalMart and George Floyd Memorial:

Released 7/27/2020

This past weekend, the statewide mask mandate went into effect in order to protect our state’s public health against the coronavirus pandemic. However, southwest Minnesota is facing a much larger pandemic that has extended far beyond the events unravelling in the past few months.

While attending protests, vigils, and creating art for the George Floyd memorial, I felt a sense of hope that our region was pushing toward progress for communities of color that have too long been overlooked and underserved. However, this weekend the memorial in Marshall that many community members worked to bring to life was destroyed by a vehicle driving through it. This same weekend, two individuals donned Swastika face coverings at the Walmart in Marshall and began shouting that we are reverting back to Nazi Germany. These despicable acts received national attention, revealing an uncomfortable truth: hatred is alive and well in southwest Minnesota.

We see this kind of naked hatred only occasionally, but we fear it is ever-boiling beneath the surface. Small, common prejudices are more frequent than the outbursts of this weekend, but it is enough to wound; even though it may not be the stab of a knife, a thousand papercuts still hurt. This weekend brought into focus how the spectre of intolerance is always hovering, waiting to rear its ugly head.

Rural Minnesota has many strengths—but the most important strength we have is our people. Good people. We must not divide ourselves by the reality of a racist society. We cannot just settle with tolerance for those that are different from ourselves. We must continually work towards, acceptance and celebration for each and every wonderful human being that we are blessed to have as our neighbors. The people of color in our community are valuable individuals that deserve our support, now more than ever. In order to foster equity and justice within the larger Marshall community, we all must listen to those voices that are marginalized instead of attempting to overshadow them with our own narrative, we must continually seek out ways to educate ourselves on how we can be better allies, and we absolutely must hold those that refuse to break the cycle of this disparity accountable for their actions.

It is not enough to say we all deserve the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. We all must leverage our positions of privilege to raise up those that are most vulnerable; our neighbors, shopkeepers, friends, and colleagues. It is not enough to acknowledge diversity; we have to actively work towards inclusivity. I urge you all to reflect on what has unfolded within our community and view it as a problem we are going to face together. Racism is real. Racism is here in Marshall and southwest Minnesota. And we cannot stop fighting for the change that is desperately needed and deserved.


Doria Drost

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